Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some Frequency Asked Questions which can help you to remedy any doubts or problems regarding installation and precautions



ELECTRONIC SPARK increases the efficiency of the traditional ignition because it recovers the energy that is normally lost in the spark that occurs on the contact breaker points. The contacts of the contact breaker points are no longer worn out by the spark. The capacitor is also protected now that it is no longer subjected to the opening overvoltage.


Does ELECTRONIC SPARK alter the characteristics of the engine?

No. ELECTONIC SPARK does not alter the characteristics of the engine in any way because the parts that control the phase and automatic advance are not in any way affected by the device


Can ELECTRONIC SPARK damage the coil?

No. The coil is designed to be connected in a short circuit from the contact breaker points. With ELECTRONIC SPARK, the normal opening of the contact breaker points (about 0.4mm) is maintained, the primary current is slightly lower but much faster and more constant. The system as a whole is very efficient with more powerful discharge to the spark plugs. All ignition parts (contact breaker points, capacitor, and coil) are subjected to less thermal and electrical stress.


Is it possible to install ELECTRONIC SPARK on ignition distributors with worn parts (drilled contact breaker points, damaged capacitor)?

Yes. The device allows the ignition even without the condenser (the condenser, if short-circuited, must be removed) while the contact breaker points, even if they have holes or bumps, must only give the open/closed signal.


Is ELECTRONIC SPARK a permanent modification?

No. If all ignition parts are efficient, it is possible to switch from electronic to traditional operation by simply exchanging the connection of the two wires fitted with Faston plugs.



No. The device puts the ignition system in perfect operating condition, which results in quick starts, even when the engine is cold, regular movement, increased torque at low speeds, it allows you to reach maximum RPM faster and reduces consumption


Can ELECTRONIC SPARK be fitted on any type of automobile?

Yes, provided it is equipped with a distributor ignition system with the original coil. It should not be used with low inductance coils used on the more recently constructed engines, already equipped with electronic ignition


Can a more intense discharge cause damage to the engine?


Absolutely not. The energy discharged on the electrodes of the spark plugs, although increased, remains insignificant compared to the energy involved in the explosion of the air/fuel mixture. It is the explosion that heats the spark plug, not the spark; a hot and powerful spark even allows colder spark plugs to be used that have a greater cooling capacity between blast cycles, thereby preventing the triggering of self-ignition which can cause serious damage to the engine. In general, after installation of the control unit you will notice a substantial increase in efficiency with lower consumption, meaning that more energy is given to the mechanical system, with lower heat dissipation from the engine