Electronic Spark for single and double contact breaker motorcycles

Electronic Spark can also be installed on many types of motorcycles with either a 12V or 6V battery.


For some types of motorcycles, the Ducati and Morini and Moto Guzzi V7 single-cylinders, equipped with a rotary distributor, it is enough to just fit an individual control unit, while for certain types of motorcycles that adopt an ignition system with a double contact breaker without a lost discharge distributor (Moto Guzzi, after the V7 series, Honda Four 350/750 and others) there is a double version that can handle a pair of contact breakers.


Version for 6V systems

Electronic Spark is also available for installations with a 6V battery (e.g. Citroen, Volkswagen Beetle and others).


6V systems with coil distributor ignition can also be found on many types of motorcycles built from the 30s up to the 60s, such as Bianchi, Morini, Ducati, Airmacchi and others.