Electronic Spark Flywheel Magnet

This ignition model is applied to all battery-free magnet ignition engines, almost all of them are motorcycles, scooters and mopeds.Like our other control units, the device brings the ignition system to the ideal operating conditions regardless of the state in which points and capacitor are located.The capacitor can also be eliminated, if faulty or preserved if efficient, the assembly does not involve changes to the original ignition which can always be restored if the capacitor is kept by inverting the connection of two external wires to the they fly

Instructions for fitting

  1. Extract the flywheel
  2. Disconnect the internal coil terminal from the point / capacitor assembly
  3. Solder a wire on the free terminal of the coil, connect the other end of the wire to the outer coil together with the yellow wire of the ECU
  4. Connect the existing wire of the points / capacitor group to the green wire of the control unit
  5. Connect the black wire to ground
  6. Reassemble the flywheel and test if there is spark in the spark plug, if there is no spark disassemble the internal coil and turn it 180 °

  7. Any ground wire to stop the engine must be connected to the green wire