Maintainer charge 6-12V 12-24V cc

The device is not a battery charger,does not use microprocessors, makes no analysis of the battery,does not turn on or off the LED at random,is even simply a battery maintainer, it dispenses a small current constant in any charge condition,locks the self-discharge,prevents the sulfation,and it’s resistant to short circuit.The  red led illuminated indicates that the appliance is delivering current and the battery is not interrupted.

The maintainer is available in two versions : for batteries up to 12V and for batteries 12-24V.The Model 6-12V can be used to charge small batteries tools with a rated voltage up to 12V. Effectively maintains the charge on batteries with a capacity of up to 120 Ah.

The product has a sober design and essential,some people said it’s ugly:it’ snt must be nice but working,it is not imported, but made in Italy

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