Dinoplex ignition

The electronic ignition Marelli Dinoplex was a capacitive discharge ignition driven by contact breakers.It was equipped on different cars built between the end of the ’60 and the beginning of 70 (Ferrari Dino,Fiat Dino,Alfa Romeo Montreal and other).Dinoplex ignition  was subject  to failures because of the components  so that the cars were equipped with a switch that allowed the passage  of the electromechanical functional in the event of failure.

Today the current owners of these cars are on great difficulties to find the controller Dinoplex ,in the event of failure, on the used market at very high prices.The controller Electronic Spark coupled to a common coil 12V (the coil of Dinoplex is not suitable) replaces validly Dinoplex at a very low cost.Even on car with ignition Dinoplex working it is advisable to use the edit with Electronic Spark while preserving the original ignition