Instructions for fitting



1-disconnect the wire coming from the contact breaker points from the coil and connect it through female faston “a” to the green wire where male faston “b” is to be applied; secure the connection with insulating protections:

“c” for female faston; “d” for male faston.


2-apply the faston plug “f” on the negative side of the coil and connect it to the yellow wire with female faston “a”.


3-connect the red wire through cable lug “g” to the positive side of the coil.


4-connect the black wire to the earth through cable lug “g”, choosing the earth point on the engine or on the negative side of the battery, paying attention to remove traces of oxide and/or grease.


To disconnect the device, disconnect the green and yellow wires and reconnect the wire of the contact breaker points to the coil.

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