Description of the product

Electronic Spark is an electronic device that increases the efficiency of ignitions with contact breaker points. In practice, its aim is to replace the condenser-contact breaker points assembly in the break function of the coil’s primary current. The contact breaker points only retain the position sensor function to trigger the spark.


Adopting the control unit has several advantages:


  • it eliminates the discharge generated on the contact breaker points at the time of opening; the contact breaker points will no longer need to be adjusted and/or replaced.
  • The protective capacitor no longer has any function; it should be left connected or replaced and/or removed in the event of a fault; after installing the Electronic Spark the capacitor, if fitted, will in any case be protected because it is subjected to much lower voltages.
  • The discharge on the spark plugs is much more powerful and sparks at the exact moment the contact breaker points open.
  • The combustion of the air/fuel mixture is faster, which results in quick start-ups, an increase in torque, greater regularity and progression, a marked decrease in consumption and lower combustion residues.
  • The fixed and automatic advance device is still the original one.
  • It allows the use of colder spark plugs (greater heat range), thus protecting the engine from dangerous self-ignition.
  • In the event of failure, the device can be easily disconnected by simply exchanging the two connections, returning the ignition to its original operation.